What do you do on those languid evenings when you have absolutely no desire to cook? Reach for the phone and call a pizza delivery service? Walk down the street to your local takeaway restaurant? If what you really want is a home-cooked meal, those options won’t solve your problems, but EatWith will.

EatWith table scene
EatWith is about connecting lunch and dinner guests with hosts who generously open their kitchens.
(Photo Credit: EatWith)

Launched in Israel in 2012, EatWith is about connecting lunch and dinner guests with hosts who generously open their kitchens, allowing everyone to “share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine.” And what brings people together more than their shared love for food, drink, and travel?

With a solid base of hosts in Israel and in Spain (there are over 175 in Spain alone!), EatWith has recently expanded to other European countries, including France and the Netherlands, as well as New York City, Argentina, and Brazil. Prices naturally vary and in Spain a meal of appetizers, tapas, and dessert can be had for as little as eight Euros (EUR) per guest. On the higher end, a culinary workshop morning starting with a visit to the local food market in Madrid, cooking class, and lunch will set you back 90 EUR per guest.

EatWith dinner dish
EatWith lunches and dinners allow you to experience culture through food.
(Photo Credit: EatWith)

If you like to travel and to experience culture through food (and really, who doesn’t?) then EatWith will no doubt be a constant companion to you on future trips. If you’re in Rome to see St. Peter’s Basilica and the iconic Trevi Fountain but want to avoid a tourist-trap restaurant dinner, a meal with a selection of the best Italian pasta dishes and a trifle dessert is just a few clicks away.

EatWith is planning to add more locations soon and while travel is certainly an interesting component of the experience, you may not even have to leave your own city to enjoy a delicious meal and to share stories in someone else’s kitchen.

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