Es teler, Indonesian shaved ice fruit cocktail. (Photo Credit: se-asia-121123-8383.jpg by Flickr user YGX)
Es teler, Indonesian shaved ice fruit cocktail. (Photo Credit: se-asia-121123-8383.jpg by Flickr user YGX)

Es Teler is one of the delicious tropical fruit drinks originated from Central Java, Indonesia. If we translate the name into English, it will sound funny as it’s ‘Drunk Ice’. Believe me, there is nothing in the ingredients that can make you drunk. But surely you’ll fall in love with it and crave for more! It’s a refreshing non alcoholic fruit drink – containing avocado, coconut flesh, jackfruit, pandan leaves, sugar, and salt – served with coconut milk, shaved ice, and condensed milk on top of it.

A Javanese lady named Samijem Darmo Wijono from Sukoharjo, Central Java claimed to be the first inventor of this drink in 1957. She was a street food seller in Jakarta. She claimed to have found its recipe through her dream during her sleep. Then she started to make and sell it through her restaurant Es Teler Sari Mulia Asri. Apparently people really love it.

Nowadays, other sellers also modified this drink with other ingredients such as cincau, cocopandan syrup, and kolang-kaling. Others add durian in the drink and call it Es Teler Durian. But avocado and coconut will always be the main ingredients. Besides the original restaurant, another famous restaurant that serves this drink in Indonesia is Es Teler 77. They do not only sell this drink, but also some local dishes. You can also easily find this drink anywhere on the street, especially in Java or in any food courts.

Tips for Drinking Es Teler:

  • A spoon is the first important thing you need to enjoy this drink.
  • Stir your drink with your spoon to mix all the ingredients.
  • You will know if your drink is ready to enjoy when you taste the sweetness from the condensed milk blended evenly into your drink.
  • You can start to enjoy your drink by eating the fruits with your spoon, just like how you usually do when eating soup.

So are you ready to try this delicious tropical fruit drink Es Teler this summer?

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