The view from the Yarra river of Melbourne CBD. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens).


Melbourne is the capital city of the state Victoria in Australia. The city has approximately 4.5 million citizens and is the biggest city in Victoria. Melbourne is a cultural, business, recreational and event city where you can be inspired by everything the city has to offer. Visit museums, the botanical gardens, be inspired by the street art in the city center and plan a day in St. Kilda. And of course enjoy a drink on the rooftop bars and get lost in the hidden alleys.


Melbourne is known as a city which has four seasons in one day. This may sound strange and hard to imagine but it’s actually true! There might be a morning with lots of rain and a low temperatures, feeling like it’s an autumn or winter day, then in the afternoon this could change completely. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and it will feel like a hot summer day. This all is possible in Melbourne and therefore it’s wise to wear layers of clothes in cases it gets warmer or colder, not to mention bring your umbrella with you.

There are four seasons in Melbourne:

  • Summer is from December to February. The climate during this time of the year is warm to hot.
  • Autumn is from March to May. During this time of the year you can enjoy the beautiful colors of trees in the parks and around the streets. The temperature is mild.
  • Winter is from June to August. This is the coldest time of the year. It’s a good time of the year to enjoy the warm places inside.
  • Spring is from September to November. Flowers and trees will start to blossom, and it is a wonderful time to see the trees becoming green again. The temperature is cool to mild.

When is it the best time to visit Melbourne? That depends on which season of the year you prefer. Other than that, it’s a great city to visit all year.


Melbourne’s airport is located 22 kilometers from the centre of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) and is the second busiest airport of Australia.

The city can be reached by:

Taxi: The taxi ranks are located on the ground floor outside terminal 1 and between terminal 2 and terminal 3.

Taking a taxi from Melbourne airport to the CBD is a convenient way to get to your accommodation.

Sky bus: There is a shuttle bus service from the airport to the city centre which is called the Skybus. This bus departs from terminals 1, 3 and 4 and operates 24/7. Tickets can be bought at the ticket booths or on board with the bus driver. Please note that the bus driver only accepts card payments.

The Skybus offers two bus services:

  • Melbourne city express: one way adult fare is 19 Australian dollars (AUD) and a round trip 38 AUD.
  • Kilda express: one way adult fare is 19 AUD and a round trip 37 AUD.

These buses depart every 5-10 minutes. There is free Wifi on board and the buses are comfortable.


Street art all around some streets in the CBD and St. Kilda. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)
Street art all around some streets in the CBD and St. Kilda. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)

[callout]Central Business District (CBD) – The city center of Melbourne is a place in which to get lost and wander around, surrounded by old and new buildings. In the business district you will find the tallest buildings as well as historical landmarks which are typical Victorian buildings. From the Eureka Tower you can enjoy the view from above or go to a rooftop bar and have a drink. Melbourne has many rooftop bars which are extremely busy in the summer months. Melbourne is characterized by its hidden alleys and tree-lined streets. When you are in the CBD, walk around in the streets and alleys. In some you will find shops ans stores, in others you will find restaurants and hidden bars. In the alleys you will also find a lot of street art which is changing continuously. Melbourne is a creative and artistic city which is represented in day-to-day life. In addition to walking, you can also take a tram around the city. The tram is easily accessible and can be found in nearly every street. There is one free tram called City Circle tram 35. This tram takes you to all the must-see places in the center and rides in a circle all day.[/callout]

Luna Park, the attraction park in St. Kilda. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)

[callout]St. Kilda – St. Kilda can be reached with a short tram ride from the CBD and is situated six kilometers from the center. St. Kilda is famous for its beach, Luna Park, entertainment and live music. It is a popular suburb to visit all year round. Families go there to stroll around the pier and watch the penguins. It’s a place where there are a lot of sports activities such as rollerblading, cycling, volleyball, paddle boarding and so on. St. Kilda is also known for its entertainment in the evenings. You’ll find several bars and pubs with live music. A great place to visit and must see! When you visit St. Kilda you should definitely enjoy the skyline view from the city center.[/callout]

Spend a day in the Royal botanical gardens and be mesmerized by the buildings and species. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)

[callout]Royal botanical gardens – Located only a few minutes from the center. A great place to enjoy a picnic or stroll around the gardens. There are more than 8500 plant species from around the world. You can either walk by yourself or take a guided tour. The Royal botanical gardens are open from 7:30 am until sunset every day of the year.[/callout]

One of the beautiful beaches of The Great Ocean Road. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)

[callout]Great Ocean Road – A must see when visiting Melbourne! Rent a car and take a few days to visit the Great Ocean Road, taking in its beautifully changing landscape and scenery. In the first part you will drive alongside the sea which is a great for surfing. Bells Beach is one of Australia’s best surfing beaches. It’s an amazing spot where the Rip Curl Pro is held every year. While driving further on the Great Ocean Road you will be able to spot some koalas in the eucalyptus trees and more wildlife such as parrots! The Great Ocean Road has a changing landscape with surfing beaches, cliffs and the rainforest with big hollow trees. And then there is the must see 12 Apostles, famous for massive limestone stacks situated off the shore of Port Campbell National Park. Other than that the Great Ocean Road in the winter months is popular for whale watching from the dunes of Logans beach.[/callout]

Driving on The Great Ocean road with a beautiful scenery. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)

[callout]Markets –  One of the most popular markets in Melbourne is the Queen Victoria market. This market is popular for an iconic food range and souvenirs. The market can be reached by tram, bus or walking. Melbourne offers many markets such as the vintage market in Camberwell on Sundays, the art craft and design market in St. Kilda and the open markets in Fitzroy and Carlton. If you like to visit markets then there are plenty to choose from in Melbourne.[/callout]

[callout]Brigthon Beach – When you see the colorful bathing boxes (beach houses) you probably think of Melbourne. Each bathing box has a unique color, size and shape. They are positioned next to each other along the sides of the Dendy Street beach. Brigthon beach is located 11 kilometers outside Melbourne CBD and can be reached by train from Federation square. The view from the beach is amazing with the skyline of Melbourne and the colorful bathing boxes.[/callout]

Eat and drink

Melbourne is known for its rooftop bars and unique decoration in pubs and restaurants. If you are visiting Melbourne then you should definitely visit these places:

[callout]Naked for Satan (285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia) – This is a great place to eat and drink. It’s located in the suburb called Fitzroy on Brunswick street, a great street full with vintage stores, unique bars, coffee houses and restaurants. In Naked for Satan you can enjoy food from the Basque cuisine. There are several floors and there is even a rooftop bar where you can lounge, eat and have a drink. During the weekends this place gets crowded with people, and later in the evening there is dancing. A great place to enjoy![/callout]

[callout]Section 8 (27-29 Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia) – A pop-up bar made from shipping containers with graffiti walls. This is a popular spot to go and enjoy craft beer. They also serve hamburgers which are good for grabbing a bite. An unique place to visit with a laid back/hipster atmosphere. The bar is hidden in an alley in Chinatown in the CBD.[/callout]

[callout]The Emerald Peacock (233 Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Australia) – A beautiful place to visit. The decoration is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere is very pleasant, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine. There are different areas where you can sit and relax, and on top of the building there is a rooftop bar. This place gets busy with business people having a drink after work and is also a good place to eat.[/callout]


[callout]The Langham hotel (1 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia) is close to Federation square, museums, the botanical gardens, restaurants and bars. It’s located at the Yarra river and has a beautiful view of the city. It is a luxurious hotel with all the facilities you can think of.[/callout]

[callout]If you are travelling on a budget than Base Backpackers (17 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australië) is the place to be. It has been rated one of the 10 hippest hostels in the world by Lonely Planet. Base backpackers is located in St. Kilda and offers dorms or double rooms. There is a laid back atmosphere and it’s easy to meet other people.[/callout]

[callout]Here are additional options for where to stay in Melbourne.[/callout]

Travel tips and blogs

For more travel tips and suggestions for Melbourne have a look at these local blogs and resources. Or leave a message!

[callout]Visit melbourne – Get information about Melbourne places to visit, accommodation and much more.[/callout]

[callout]City of Melbourne – The local government authority about Melbourne and its suburbs. Tips of locals with recommendations of place you must see and must do.[/callout]

[callout]Tourism board of St. Kilda – Tourism board of St. Kilda listing places to stay, what’s on, the latest news and more about St. Kilda.[/callout]

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