Chocolate lovers need look no further for this weekend’s activities as they can now indulge their passion at the Chocoa Festival.

Held on March 29th and 30th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, you can fill your days with tastings and once you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, visit a photo exhibition called For the Love of Chocolate.

chocoa festival
If you love chocolate then you’re in luck at the Chocoa Festival. (Photo Credit: Chocoa Festival)


During the festival on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 March, you will see, smell and taste more chocolate than you can imagine. The chocolate makers can tell you about the extraordinary qualities and origins of their products, as well as how it has positively influenced environmental and/or socio-economic conditions for cocoa farmers.  There is a special emphasis on chocolate produced from fine or flavouror sustainable cocoa.

As many as 700 different flavours can be differentiated in good chocolate. The most known to us are nuts, citrus and spice nuances. Special chocolate shops and chocolatiers present an exclusive selection of fine chocolates in many variations and exotic flavours, which they offer for sale. Their creations are a flavour explosion of unprecedented sophistication, and look like mini-works of art.

Learn to appreciate the richness in varieties, flavours and aromas, and be informed about the background story of chocolate. Once you know how to maximise your tasting experience, you will realise there is so much more to your favourite chocolate bar than you thought.

Join tastings and presentations and buy chocolate for special Chocoa deals. Learn things you never knew about the magical world of chocolate. You might even discover your new favourites here! “

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