Beginning on June 21st and running until early/mid August, the Canberra and Capital Region Truffle Festival celebrates the Perigord (black) variety which are harvested in the region. Tease your sense of taste and smell at one of the many dining experiences, cooking glasses, or purchase some black gold to take home and experiment in the kitchen yourself.

Kingfish with truffle
Chef Jan Gundlach’s crisp-skinned kingfish with truffle.
(Photo Credit: Canberra and Capital Region Truffle Festival)

Dining Experiences

Throughout the festival (late June to early August) you can enjoy themed truffle degustations and truffle menus, truffle master classes, talks and cooking demonstrations. As the festival has continued to grow we now include a trail to the snow giving yet another way to experience truffles, as well as the work of renowned Canberra chefs.

Truffle Hunts

This is where your hunt for Capital Country Truffles begins! Find out about all the Truffle farms and where and when the truffle hunts are taking place. All details are here and make sure you books soon to secure your place, and let the hunting begin.

Cooking Classes

Want to be a master chef in the kitchen with truffles? Then attend one of the truffle festival cooking classes where you learn how cook with truffles, how to purchase a good quality truffle and have a great time.

Where to Buy

You won’t find them at the local supermarket and, once you’ve tasted fresh truffles, substitutes like the synthetic truffle oils just won’t cut it. View a list of suppliers you can contact and Farmers’ Markets to visit for all your fresh truffle needs here.”

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