Montreal is getting the world’s attention nowadays. And it’s not because the Canadian Space Agency on the southeast side of the city is launching a rocket, or anything of the sort. As the centre of economy and trade in Quebec and hosts of one of the world’s largest trading ports, Montreal can actually achieve a feat no other major city can accomplish in one morning: setting off a worldwide media frenzy.

Bar Brutus
Bar Brutus is one of the tastiest places to be. (Photo Credit: Bar Brutus)

The Huffington Post, Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, ABC news, Global News – all scampered to get updates about Montreal’s latest attraction: the all-bacon restaurant called Bar Brutus. Why? The answer is quite simple. Everybody loves bacon! And this all-bacon restaurant and bar is such an irresistible piece of news that everyone wants a bite.

Named after the Roman protagonist who killed Julius Caesar, the bar prides itself as the only watering hole in Montreal that serves a Jagermeister-Topped Poutine with bacon. The meal is actually a higher-level kind of poutine, with liberal cuts of tasty bacon topped with caramelized red onion and cheese curds smothered in Jagermeister sauce.

Jagermeister-Topped Poutine with bacon
When faced with the Jagermeister Poutine it is hard to know if you are hungry or thirsty or both! (Photo Credit: Bar Brutus)

Other interesting menu items are especially prepared to please the condescending palate of a bacon lover. The bacon sushi is a mind-boggling combination of chicken confit, celery, and sweet-sour dates, laden with soy mayo, Dijon mustard, and maple syrup, meticulously wrapped in meaty, reddish-brown bacon.

The term Canadian Bacon has been a source of confusion for many. This kind of bacon actually is not of Canadian origin, but is just a kind of meat cut used for making bacon.

Hungry for more bacon? Try the “Hot Pig”, claimed to be the only bacon sausage hot dog in the world which is made of 100% bacon grilled to goodness and served with the usual fries and ketchup. Simply mouthwatering! The bacon sausage and bacon doughnuts are also big favourites.

Bacon Bowl Salad
Who said bacon eaters weren’t healthy?? (Photo Credit: Bar Brutus)

For its cocktails, Brutus has gone beyond “baconistic” creativity as it serves the only Pork Soda in Canada. This one-of-a-kind drink is vodka soda flavored with bacon, just enough to calm a bacon-craving. As its Facebook page declares: “Brutus will be you friend, your confidant. A gentleman who will concoct tasty cocktails and delicious food….Beer, Bloody Mary, bourbon and bacon. Long live Brutus!”

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