The globally-recognized and award-winning wine tour operator, BKWine, has announced their newest wine tour offering for this autumn. It promises to be another exciting journey for wine lovers. And they are offering not just one, but two wine tours to the best wine destinations in Europe.

BKWine carefully chose the two sites for their Autumn Wine Tour Program. These are Bordeaux in Northern France and Douro Valley in Portugal. In selecting these sites, BKWine’s co-founder Britt Karllson says they focused on the most interesting wineries that are famous not only for their brand names but for their high standards in wine-making and the excellent quality of their product.

Picking Grapes
A day in the sun picking grapes in Bordeaux, France. (Photo Credit: Per Karlsson, BKWine Photography)

First in the program is the Bordeaux wine tour. The French city of Bordeaux is a major wine industry capital and hosts the world’s most famous wine exposition, the Vinexpo. Wine-making is a tradition in Bordeaux that dates back to the 8th century. It has 10,000 chateaux where the world’s best-tasting wines are produced. The wine tour gives the traveller that rare opportunity to taste the most expensive wines on Earth, among them the Chateau Margaux, Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Chateau Haut Brion.

Known by adventuresome tourists as little Paris because of its ancient structures and cultural richness, Bordeaux also boasts of gastronomic charm. A number of restaurants can be found in the city center and, while most offer classic French cuisine, there are those that offer fusion cuisine and some also serve exclusive Asian or Arabic dishes.

Did You Know? The people behind BKWine also visit around 300 wineries yearly to personally experience what their clients could look forward to in the tour.

The wine tour to Douro Valley in the exotic country of Portugal is similarly exciting. This place offers the most amazing views, with picturesque landscapes and unique vineyards that BKWine thinks will surprise even the experienced wine traveller. The Douro Valley wine tour will take visitors to interesting wineries and vineyards that are frighteningly steep but nevertheless produce the best wines in the world.

Aside from excellent wines, Douro Valley also offers impressive and uniquely flavorful cuisine. Typical dishes are roasted baby goat with rice and potatoes or, as an alternative to meat, fried codfish straight from the Douro River. Their sweet delights are equally inviting, especially the eixinhos de chila and the biscoito da Teixeira which are both milk-based desserts.

For either the Bordeaux or Douro Valley wine tour, it is recommended that the traveller reserves at least five days to complete the tour. The first day of the tour will be on a Wednesday and the last day on a Sunday, giving guests a lot of time to enjoy the journey. The tour is guided by some of the best wine tour guides and includes ten winery visits and gourmet meals served with fine wine.

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