The historical Grand Hall of the Battersea Arts Centre in London plays host this week to the 24th Battersea Beer Festival. The festival is open from noon to 11pm from February 5th to February 7th and admission is 4 British Pounds (GBP) at the door.

Battersea Beer Festival
Cold pints and half-pints, together with a selection of bottled beer, will be on offer at the Battersea Beer Festival.

Ciders and perries – together with a long list of British bottled beer, draught ales, and foreign beers – shape the formidable beer and cider list. Soft drinks are free while snacks and dishes of hearty Polish cuisine are available for purchase.

Some pertinent information about the beer from the Battersea Beer festival website:

“Beers & Ciders

The Beer & Cider List is available to download from: BBF2014-beer-cider-list.pdf.
This was finalised on 30th January 2014 and it lists what our suppliers have agreed to deliver to the festival.

We have again increased the order for beer and cider and are now cramming into the hall about as much as it will hold.
We have ordered almost 200 different cask beers this year.

We cannot put all of the beer that we have on to the stillage from the start which is why you will see that many casks are on the floor below it on opening day.
They can only be racked when a space occurs, so that a beer that you particularly want may not be available immediately. This is the only way that we can operate, so please understand our situation.

We would advise against making long journeys just to sample one or two specific beers.
To reiterate, we simply cannot guarantee that they will be on whilst you are at the festival.
We do not hold back beer; once it is ready to go on sale – and it has to be ready because we will not compromise on quality – it goes on sale until it is sold.

Similarly, we cannot guarantee that all the beers that we have listed here will arrive but there will be substitutes of equal quality.”

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