London just never fails to amaze. From its grand museums to its ultra-modern shopping destinations, the city always offers reasons for tourists and residents alike to appreciate and enjoy every part of it. For most, seeing the spectacular sights are such enjoyable English surprises. But if you’re sitting at a penthouse window of the Milestone Hotel overlooking the Kensington Gardens, surely you’d feel not just enjoyment but a unique sense of pride and vivacity in life.

The Round Pond, Broad Walk and the Serpentine Lake are original features of the Kensington Gardens that royal gardener Charles Bridgeman himself designed in the late 1700’s. He was commissioned by Queen Caroline, wife of King George II. When the queen died, George II neglected the palace and the gardens and were only restored in the early 1800’s.
The Milestone Hotel
Enjoying the drink at the Milestone Hotel is only one of the delights of visiting. (Photo Credit: The Red Carnation Hotel Collection)

Elegant patrons of this unique hotel at the heart of London attest to the kind of excitement it offers. Not only does it sit just across the magnificent Kensington Palace, it has imbibed royalty to the fullest, with interior design and fixtures fit for a king and queen. Indeed, guests have been so pleased with its service that they gave the highest reviews enough to make it TripAdvisor’s Best Hotel in the UK in the 2014 Traveller’s Choice Awards.

But, as it name implies, beyond its everyday top quality service, the Milestone Hotel thrives on accomplishing milestones. It makes sure exciting revelations unfold for guests, like for example its latest offering at the Stables Bar called “Shock Me.”

It is a drink, of course. But how it will shock you is the exciting part. “Shock Me” is a beer cocktail of brown ale, bourbon, whiskey (Southern Comfort) and a teaspoon of maple syrup. It is served on ice and a slice of crispy maple-cured bacon is laid on top of the glass. What a way to end a $25 drink!

For the less adventurous, the Stables Bar is also serving “Diplomatic Stout”, a mix of dark rum, sherry and Guinness with drops of sweet chocolate Mozart. This drink is finished with a very diplomatic Toblerone chocolate just enough to induce the drinker’s happy cell.

Milestones also occur on a daily basis at the hotel’s Cheneston’s Restaurant. It offers exquisite fine dining capped with the optional champagne drink opened in the Art of Sabrage.

The Art of Sabrage is an old technique of opening a champagne bottle using a large sabre. It dates back to the Napoleonic wars when soldiers knocked off the cap on a wide bottle to impress the royal court.

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