Stockholm Arlanda Airport has joined in the bandwagon of bringing its goods (or more accurately, food) closer to the people. How? Via a food truck!

Arlanda Airport is located in the Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden. It is the largest and one of the busiest airports in the country. According to their website, in 2012, there were 19.6 million passengers who passed through the airport to get to their destination. Majority of the passengers at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport are international travelers. The air hub services flights to 135 international destinations and 28 domestic destinations.

Bringing the food to you at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
Bringing the food to you at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Aside from its flight facilities, Stockholm Arlanda Airport also houses over 120 establishments, 42 of which are restaurants, cafés, and bars. They have currently improved the fare they have available on site. And this is making a buzz, although not so much in the airport itself but on the streets of Stockholm. The management of Arlanda found that travelers don’t really take the time to explore the food options available and so they thought of marketing their offerings on the streets.

The Arlanda food truck is making stops in different busy areas of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, during lunch time. At the moment, a staff of two to three people are preparing six dishes in the truck for a standard price of 65 SEK (Swedish Krona), or approximately 10 USD (US Dollars). The menu includes osso buco, pulled pork, lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, truffle risotto, and ramen soup with wasabi-marinated smoked salmon.

The management hopes this strategy will make people aware that airport food is now far from what it used to be. In turn, encourage them to go to the airport early to try out the wide selection of delicious food on offer. “There are many delicious and innovative dishes today that are far from what we are used to at airports. The airport has become an important part of the whole travel experience, and the selection of food, beverages, shopping and experiences should be inspiring and meet our passengers’ needs,” says Roel Huinink, managing director of ASDC, Arlanda Schiphol Development Company, which develops shops, restaurants and other commercial services at Stockholm Arlanda.

To follow the Arlanda food truck, you can check their website. A warning though, it’s in Swedish.

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