Just as sitting down to a piping hot pizza straight from the oven in Naples, is a pizza lover’s dream, sipping wine in Argentina or Chile is high on a wine enthusiast’s list of things to experience. That’s why we are super impressed with BKWineTours recently announced Chile & Argentina tour. The tour, which will take place in February 2014, will have wine lovers experiencing wine on both sides of the Andes.

Bodega Norton i Argentina
With views like these, you might forget about the wine! (Photo Credit: Per Karlsson, BKWine Photography)

The Andes, which stretch over 7,000 kilometres north to south along the western coast of the South American continent, is the longest and one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. It is on the Argentinean side of the mountains that the tour begins, in Buenos Aires.

From the airport, the group of 22 participants will spend time on an estancia (large farm) on the Pampas. And there’s not just wine to be enjoyed. There will also be an asado (an Argentinean BBQ) and empanadas (small stuffed bread).

Empanadas are stuffed bread or pastry that is then baked or fried. Popular in southern Europe, Latin America and parts of Southeast Asia, fillings can vary from meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit and/or huilacoche (corn smut).

By day five, the group will head to Mendoza, the wine region of Luján de Cuyo. Before heading to the historic centre with its mix of 60s modern and art deco architecture, a stop at a family firm will introduce everyone to Argentina’s sun-loving signature grape.

Wine Tasting
There is plenty of wine to go around during the 16 days. (Photo Credit: Per Karlsson, BKWine Photography)

On day eight, a bus ride over the Andes brings the group to Santiago, Chile, which was founded by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in 1541. The days in Chile are filled with activities and experiences, including a country style barbeque, a blend your own wine workshop in Colchagua, and a stop in Curicó, also known as “the city of cakes” because of its high quality cakes made from manjar, meringue, and fruit.

Wine might be the focus of this 16-day tour, which has a price tag that starts at 4,800 Euros (EUR), but we are willing to bet that any traveller or foodie would feel right at home as well.

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