Yorkshire is one of those rare destinations in England that presents the best of both worlds. While its urban centres are models of modern economy, the countryside offers the quaint life with the same breathtaking scenery enjoyed by English ancestors hundreds of years ago.

Its unique culture, history, and environs make a tour of Yorkshire an expedition for the soul. It is precisely because of this that we are full of  jealously that the Tour de France will have the great dales of Yorkshire as the setting for the first stages of the race.

Now you understand our jealously, right? (Photo Credit: Welcome to Yorkshire)

Yorkshire is hosting the Tour’s launch for the first time. Local folks see this as an opportunity to make sure that the world’s greatest cyclists and the millions of fans drawn annually to this spectacular contest will be treated to a most unforgettable experience, enough for them to say this place is truly God’s Own County.

What makes this event exciting is the opportunity to discover Yorkshire and its veritable Tour de Force cuisine. Yorkshire has many hidden treasures yet to be explored, and among the most interesting treasures are its amazing tastes.

Feasts at Every Turn

Visitors have always been awestruck with the picturesque landscape of Yorkshire and spend unforgettable moments at the dales and bridges, Leeds, York, and Bradford. Truly, at every turn, Yorkshire presents itself as a deserving route for the most popular race in the world.

The other reason why Yorkshire deserves the recognition is the food it offers. Many people don’t know that Yorkshire has one of the oldest, most amazing, truly unforgettable cuisines in this part of the world.

This year, a flourishing restaurant and pastry industry will greet expectant tourists flocking to Yorkshire. Anyone looking for first class wining and dining will be treated to a sumptuous experience in Michelin-starred restaurants dotting Yorkshire in every direction – north, south, east and west!

There is so much to see and do in Yorkshire, you can't go wrong no matter which direction you take. (Photo Credit: Welcome to Yorkshire)
There is so much to see and do in Yorkshire, you can’t go wrong no matter which direction you take. (Photo Credit: Welcome to Yorkshire)

For a classical French feast, take a turn at West Yorkshire and try The Box Tree Restaurant. This place offers a menu of culinary masterpieces loved by the French and loved even more around the world. At the opposite of Yorkshire down south at Ridgeway, Sheffield, another elegant place called The Old Vicarage is sure to impress any discriminating guest with its signature roast dishes and cheeses. The Black Swan at Old Stead sitting at the northern tip of Yorkshire remains a favorite for guests looking for great food and homey accommodation.

Two more Michelin-starred restaurants – the Yorke Arms at the northern side near Harrogate, and the Pipe and Glass Inn at the eastern side – complete the roundabout feast. The Yorke Arms is another concept restaurant with rooms and offers freshly made dishes straight from their backyard garden. The Pipe and Glass Inn is one part inn and one part pub, similar to the English taverns, with first-class wines and brews available at any hour.

Delicious Treats

Yorkshire is a melting pot of the old and the new not only in terms of economy and industry, but interestingly in terms of taste. Diners at Yorkshire can be both sophisticated and adventurous, appreciating food that are traditional favourites and food that are modern-day inventions of thrill-seeking chefs.

The Seabrook Crisps is a crunchy example of the traditional, inimitable taste of Yorkshire. Giving joy to snack eaters for 67 years now, Seabrook Crisps has that distinctive flavor not found in other commercial chips. Also uniquely Yorkshire is the hot, crisp bread oven-baked by Jackson’s, a well-loved bread and pastry outlet at the center of Kingston town.

Runswick Bay
The seaside lovers in your group will also not be disappointed. (Photo Credit: Welcome to Yorkshire)

And then there’s the perfect Betty’s pastries which has stayed there at the sweet pedestal for nearly a century. Updated with the times, Betty’s latest delight – the Fat Rascals – are purposely made to last a month long tour.

Good, Old Rhubarb

A culinary feast in Yorkshire will not be complete without the rhubarb. After all, it is only in this county that you will find the Rhubarb triangle, a 30-mile stretch of rhubarb, and the Rhubarb festival, which features the best rhubarb recipes on the planet.

Great ancestors of Yorkshire have found a special way of growing these sweet-tasting stalks – by forcing them to grow. The forced rhubarbs are said to be sweeter in taste and are easier to grow. Because of its sweet-succulent taste, rhubarb can be a versatile ingredient that matches with fish and meat to make sautéed dishes or with cinnamon and chocolate to make a delicious, unique-tasting quiche.

Pack Your Bags

Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom, spanning hundreds of miles of greenery bound by four national parks. Yorkshire earned the title God’s Own County and was recently named The Garden of England because of its spectacular scenery and rich, abundant land. Over the years, Yorkshire has become the centre of industry and commerce in Northern England, thus spurring an unlikely marriage of high-end, modern lifestyle in the urban centres and simple, slow life at the countryside.

As a part of the United Kingdom the currency is the British Pound (GBP). The time zone is BST (British Summer Time – UTC +1) during the summer months and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) the rest of the year.

Getting There

If you want to get ahead of the droves of biking enthusiasts coming to Yorkshire this July, take a direct flight from anywhere in the world to Leeds Bradford International Airport.

From the airport, you can take the train, bus or, if you have the physical agility and will, you can rely on your own foot power by renting a bike or hiking. The roads of Yorkshire are perfect for a nice walking tour or a refreshing fun ride on a bicycle. Think of it as your first step to taking the Tour de France!

Don’t Miss

Yorkshire’s culture and heritage are astounding and they have marvelously preserved these over hundreds of years, through many wars and occupations. To experience the rich culture of Yorkshire and its people, take a tour at their ruined castles and abbeys and visit their fascinating art galleries and historical museums. And don’t miss the Yorkshire Battlefields, an outdoor tour that at one point features live action that shows how battles were won in the yonder days, with the swords and all.

Further Information

The Welcome to Yorkshire tourism website is one of the most useful places you can visit for more information, tips, and advice on how to make your stay a great one.

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