Discover the tantalising tastes of India at the Alchemy Food Market.

Chillies are the soul of a hearty Indian meal

“From the 12th to 21st April, 2013, during Southbank’s Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre Square is transformed into a bustling Indian market.

This year there will be a focus on challenging the preconceptions of what Indian cuisine is, and can be. From the most creative and talented chefs taking Indian cooking into the more refined, Michelin-star territory, to the best examples of authentic, regional street food, so integral to daily life across India, the festival will celebrate the full diversity of this amazing continent in all its spectrums!

There will be a variety of fashion, jewellery, arts and crafts as well as cooking demonstrations from top chefs, beer and curry pairing, Carrom playing, henna artists and entertainment reflecting the richness of India’s cultural heritage.

Southbank Centre’s Alchemy festival has been running for four years, exploring the rich contrasts and connections between the UK, India and South Asian culture.

At Alchemy the wonderful diversity of authentic South Asian cuisine will take centre stage – a deep heritage that has been flavoured through many countless influences and exchanges.

From the times of the Indus Valley civilisation through to the Moghul empire and later European presence, the swirls of migrations and invasions from such areas as Central Asia, the Middle East and Persia, further informed by Vedic, Hindu, Muslin and Buddhist sensibilities and the passing of historic trade routes, have all contributed to a melting pot of great depth, variety and character. With such a diverse climate, ranging from the tropics of the south, the arid Thar dessert of the northwest, to the cool, high altitudes of the Himalayas, the local environment has also shaped strong regional character and identities and helped make South Asia one of the most enticing, exciting and satisfying regions of the world to discover through your senses…”

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