No Matter Where You Travel to, You Eventually Have to Eat

Whether it is a four-course meal on expensive china or a cheap bite to eat at a noisy street stall, the food you stick in your mouth has a story.

We want to tell you that story.

Travel Gluttons is about finding good local food around the world and understanding how to eat it.

We’re here to help make sure you don’t go hungry while travelling, to show you exactly how to tackle that unusual dish without looking like a fool, and to help you enjoy the culture of a location through its food.


Why Travel Gluttons?

A glutton is someone who over-indulges in and over-consumes food, drink, or intoxicants. We aren’t quite that bad but we do like to indulge in travel and we definitely like to consume food and drink!


Meet the Team

Françoise Catherin
Françoise is as French as her name sounds. She speaks French, English, Spanish and tries Dutch (!). She loves travelling, eating well, and tasting new wines and beers. Singing is another of her hobbies.
Christine Cognieux
Christine is a life enthusiast, attracted to happiness, creativity and beauty in everything. It is not because she is French that she loves Fashion but she does. Photographing her food is becoming a habit of hers!
Anna de Waard-Leung
Social Media Manager
For the adventurous Chinese eater Anna, a great night out usually involves dining at an Indian or sushi restaurant in her killer heels. But now you will more often find her trying out simple recipes while juggling two monkeys.
Fauzia Jonas
Writer & Photographer
Originally from Surinam, Fauzia has lived in the Netherlands for most of her life. Fluent in both Dutch and English, she loves quotes, iPhoneography, social media, movies, music, and theater + more than anything, her 3 children.
Soraya Lemmens
Writer & Photographer
Soraya loves to travel and is always up for an adventure. One of the best things she loves about traveling is meeting new people and trying new things. With her camera she captures the moment and shares her travel stories.
Noémi Nagy
Writer & Photographer
Noémi is a thirty-something Hungarian who moved to the Netherlands many moons ago but is still trying to get her head around the clogs, bikes and 'harings' . She considers herself adventurous when it comes to food and travel…although those who have seen her struggle with a haring/ stroopwafel/ stamppot might disagree.
Johanne Niemann
Balancing life in the Netherlands, Germany, and Mexico, Johanne is a travel and holistic health enthusiast. When she is not studying Global Public Health in The Hague, she loves to travel and discover local food and decipher the mysteries that it holds.
Nimas Norma
Managing Editor
Nimas is a flower and cat lover who comes from the multi-ethnic country of Indonesia. She loves to travel and trying local dishes. Favourites - Wienerschnitzel, Belgian Stoofvlees, Dutch Pannenkoeken, and Rendang from Indonesia.
Charlie Taylor
Writer & Photographer
Originally from the UK and having travelled extensively professionally and personally Charlie lives in Voorburg and speaks Dutch fluently. A keen photographer and writer she loves to photograph and write about European cities.
Jana Teneva
Writer & Photographer
Jana is a real fruit-junkie (watermelon being her favourite) and a big (goat-) cheese-lover. She speaks six languages next to her mother tongue Bulgarian and is in love with gourmet discoveries while travelling, diving and sunshine-catching.
Heather Tucker
Heather is a writer, photographer, and explorer of the world with bylines in Porthole Cruise Magazine, Taste&Travel International and ACCESS Magazine, amongst others. She is addicted to pens, paper, hotels, and hippos.

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We regularly see a number of new people at Travel Gluttons; filled with passion and a sense of curiosity that brings them to our publication, eager for a new experience. They participate in creating engaging articles and enticing photographs, and are a fundamental part of our team. And sometimes we have to say goodbye to them. So we want to highlight some of them here and show our support in their endeavours.

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