West Africa is in the middle of a foodie revolution, according to the Guardian, and a restaurant called Republic in Accra, Ghana is leading the charge.

Ghanaian limes
Ghanaian limes and the local spirit akpeteshie make a delicious caipirihna.

Republic was opened in 2012 by two brothers, Kofi and Raja Owusu-Ansah, and has joined the global trend of using locally sourced ingredients. Their caipirihnas are not made with the Brazilian cachaça, but instead with akpeteshie, a traditional Ghanaian spirit distilled from palm wine or sugarcane. In fact, all of their cocktails use akpeteshie as a base and none are made with imported spirits.

Ghana, and Africa as a whole, has not always had a stellar culinary reputation but there are some who believe that with fresh, quality, and tasty local dishes, West African countries can shake off their negative associations and re-emerge as powerhouse destinations for foodies. Republic is coming to light as a leader in this respect, promoting local brews, ingredients, and opening eyes to a new way of eating.

Accra is not the only city taking part in the foodie revolution. New, discerning wine bars with more refined choices are opening in Lagos, Nigeria, and beach resort Lou Moon in western Ghana uses produce sourced from the resort’s own garden and fresh-off-the-boat fish supplied by local fishermen.

Eye-opening and inspiring for West Africa, this foodie revolution is well under way.

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