In a few short hours we will move into a New Year. And with new years almost always come new goals, plans, and resolutions. To “travel more” is on many individual’s wish list and with good reason! So where would the Travel Gluttons’ team love to go in 2017 and what would they eat while there? Read on to find out.

If you could travel anywhere in 2017, where would it be and why?

Françoise: What a question!!! Too many possibilities! I would like to go to Thailand because the culture and the landscapes attract me and I know that I could eat very well while there.

Fauzia: I would travel to a number of places actually. The first would be the United States (because my mom lives there), but I would love to see other states as well. Why? Because I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for the United States. Besides that I would love to visit Hawaii (for the lovely scenery and the friendly people), which is also why I would also love to see Thailand (and because I love Thai food of course)!

Anna: It would be Hawaii because all the scenes in Hawaii Five-O just look absolutely stunning!

Nimas: Norway, to experience the Aurora Borealis as it is one of the items on my bucketlist.

Christine: The Azores, a Portugese archipelago, is calling my name, with its raw nature, a unique microclimate, and amazing food.

Noémi: Colombia and Iran – I have friends who are from there and every time they visit home and post photos on social media I’m amazed how beautiful both countries are.

Jana: Sardinia because of the great food and breathtaking beaches.

Heather: Japan. The idea of being immersed in a hugely different culture to the one I am used to seems fascinating. Plus, I am a huge stationery addict and they have some great items!

Wherever you travel to in 2017, don’t forget the food! (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

What would you eat while there?

Françoise: I only know the Thai restaurants (Yam, Kha…) so I imagine that I would taste new meals with a base of rice or noodles. They are great at mixing sweet and sour and they also use different herbs than us, so it will all be a discovery.

Fauzia: In the United States: almost everything that’s bad for me (which contains high doses of sugar I bet): candy, fried goods, and everything I’ve heard about and am dying to try. In Thailand: lots of fresh fruits and spicy dishes.

Anna: Being a hardcore sushi lover, poke would be my must-try dish. The thought of fresh, raw fish glistened with sesame oil and wasabi makes my mouth water already. Another food item I would love to try is shave ice – what’s a visit to Hawaii without enjoying a fluffy shave ice soaked in yummy syrup at the beach? I tried and fell in love with a mochi ice cream in Hong Kong, and would love to try a shave ice with a mochi topping.

Nimas: In the past my friend who is living in Norway visited me in Holland and she brought Gudbrandsdalsost as souvenir. It’s a Norwegian delicacy of brown cheese. If I go to Norway, I will make sure I have enough lugage space to bring Gudbrandsdalsost back home. Besides that, I would like to eat Norwegian salmon.

Christine: Cheese, seafood, tropical fruits, locally bred beef, and locally grown coffee and tea. But shh, it’s a secret, I want to beat the tourist crowd.

Noémi: Haven’t thought of that, do you have any suggestions? [editor’s note: share your suggestions in the comments]

Jana: Fresh figs, seafood, and grilled veggies.

Heather: Well it won’t be fish or seafood as I am allergic to them. But I would go for a fresh dorayaki, which has been on my mind ever since seeing this film.

Where will you travel to in 2017 and what do you plan to eat while there?

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