Food Postcard: La Chouffe’s Friendly Elf

He certainly looks mischievous but this red-capped, long-bearded little elf has only good intentions. He’s responsible for gathering the barley and hops used to brew La Chouffe Blonde Ale, which with an 8% alc./vol content, is a fresh, crisp beer with light notes of citrus and coriander.

La Chouffe

This red-capped elf is behind the crisp, fresh taste of La Chouffe. (Photo Credit: Tanya Braaksma)

He’s a hard worker and is kept quite busy as the Achouffe Brewery is also producing Mc Chouffe – La Chouffe’s darker cousin, Houblon Chouffe, an India Pale Ale, N’Ice Chouffe, a strong and dark beer meant to keep you warm during the crisp autumn months, and Esprit d’Achouffe, a brandy distilled from five-year-old beer.

The Achouffe Brewery is located in the picturesque Ardennes region of Belgium, an area blanketed by unspoilt forests, deep valleys, and clear rivers. In the summer months it’s the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures like hiking, cycling, and kayaking, and in winter cross-country and downhill skiing take centre stage. The castles, forts, and citadels of the Ardennes serve as reminders that despite its striking exterior, this region was once a battleground for power in Europe.

There are no battles now though, only great beer. And not only is it refreshing to drink, but the Achouffe beers can also be incorporated into your dinner and desserts. Chouffard Meatballs use one bottle of La Chouffe for the sauce while the Tirami-Chouffe dessert is infused with Coffee Chouffe, a liqueur made of the Esprit d’Achouffe brandy.

If you’re ever lucky enough to visit the Achouffe Brewery to see La Chouffe being brewed at its source, be sure to keep your eyes open for a friendly little elf with a basket of barley and hops.

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