Creative Cocktails Use Beer as a Surprise Ingredient

What will be your drink of choice when it comes time to ring in the New Year on the eve of December 31st? A flute of champagne, its bubbles tickling your nose? The ultimate classic cocktail – a dry martini, shaken, with a single green olive? A bottle of your favourite craft beer?

UnderDog cocktail mixer

Moustachioed Roy is responsible for creating the UnderDog’s creative beer cocktails.
(Photo Credit: BrewDog’s UnderDog)

If you’re adventurous (and even if you’re not, New Year’s Eve is a great time to make new resolutions) then try the latest trend in cocktails – beer.

Yes, beer. It may sound unpleasant to some but when the flavour profiles of the beer, liqueurs, and mixers are aligned, the resulting cocktail can be a surprising treat to your tastebuds.

There is perhaps no bar more dedicated to promoting the beer cocktail agenda than the UnderDog in London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood. Aptly located below the BrewDog bar at 51-55 Bethnal Green Road, the UnderDog is something of a 1920’s speakeasy with a drinks list that proves beer has flair.

UnderDog cocktail

With cocktails that look this good, it’s easy to see that beer has flair.
(Photo Credit: BrewDog’s UnderDog)

This dimly-lit bar is only accessible from inside the BrewDog and you need to ask one of the barmen to take your downstairs. Once there you’ll find yourself in a place which is decidedly odd. However, don’t let the taxidermy animals, shrunken skulls, and human skeleton detract from the fact that the UnderDog has some of the most inventive beer cocktails in London, and all set to a soundtrack of blues, early R&B, and the occasional live band.

Most of the UnderDog’s craft beer concoctions are made using the BrewDog’s own beers. A Dead Cobbler mixes Death’s Door gin, Dead Pony Club ale, homemade redcurrant syrup, and softly muddled fresh orange and grapefruit.

New Year, new beer cocktails for everyone.

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